The Address


Fusion of Hard and Soft Landscaping.

The master planning concept for the entire development was driven from an animal architecture - the habitat of Beavers, creating of an ideal, peaceful and sustainable living space that surrounded by the expansive sky, lush greenery and serene waterfalls ahead. Learning from Beavers, the entrance gateway in linings tangibly patterned metaphors as a magnificent beaver dam that serves a welcome and secure access to the living space; centered water bodies comprise of swimming pool, children pool and Jacuzzi area are implicitly interpret as a water bank with vibrant activities that conducive to life, whilst existing exclusive boutique architecture interpret as number of beaver lodges been built on the shore ecologically.

Not only that, but even the circulation and connectivity of the space resembles the slides and channels that beavers make where they enter and leave the water. A series of tangible lines pavement in grey colour tone are humbly stretching from the entrance to the courtyard garden and towards the end of corner at Barbeque area, inter-connected the fragmented landscape as a whole for better human flows across the spaces.