Senior Landscape Architect

Kenneth graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from Universiti Putra Malaysia. The precious experience gained during his internship at Takano Landscape Planning Co. Ltd. in Hokkaido, Japan has shown him the differences in landscape architecture in both countries and thus motivated him on how he can improve our environment as a landscape architect. Aspired to be a human-centred designer, Kenneth always seeks a creative approach to optimise positive interactions between people and their surroundings.

Kenneth’s ability to conceptualise complicated ideas and proficiency in handling various rendering software allows him to focus primarily on conceptual design and graphic presentation. He is passionate and constantly extends his knowledge in handling new software or digital tools which he believes can further improve his day-to-day workflow and productivity. 

Aside from that, his flexibility and adaptability also allow him to traverse across disciplines and accomplished the various nature of work that he has been entrusted with. As a team player, Kenneth has been actively contributing to various nature of projects like residential, mixed developments, urban parks and master planning.

“Jack of all trades, master of none, certainly better than a master of one.”