Art Director

When she first began as a Landscape Architect in Landart Design about 19 years ago (2002), she found herself derived the most satisfaction from the art of design. She fell in love with the idea of how to achieve a balance between the idea of the arts to how building communities with a simple pen and paper could easily flourish and yet fused many of her passions. Her leadership skills and strength in fundamental design were one of her traits to effectively communicate with the team to develop good planning tactics that led to desirable outcomes. Her knowledge of evolving trends in the built environment and her creativity in creating interactive social space, place identities, public realm and urban ecology: from scratch to sketches, from the language of forms to space planning and, until the completion of masterpieces.

Each year is another new journey to her. She is now more focuses on engaging the local community space and public facilities to reinvent a new environment while forging a better future. She also seeks to broaden her artistic capability suitable to this delicate profession, that represents the relationship with nature are enormously important in the expression of living culture.