Project Manager

Seth Ong, a RIBA Part II Architectural Trained, with enormous exposure to Interior Architecture & Landscape Design has deeply rooted in his perception and ideology of what made a good intervention we called placemaking.

Composing a space to him is not just about the representation of accurate lines onto the working drawing but they consist of many aspects which must be joined together. The layers of detail, seemingly self-evident way in which each component are put together is what fascinated him. Seth believes details express what the basic idea of the design requires at the relevant point in the object and if they are designed accurately it’s not mere decoration. They do not distract nor entertain. They lead to an understanding of the whole of which they are an inherent part.

And if the design can merge with its form and construction, appearance and function are no longer separate. They become a whole and in our eyes, guided by our analytical mind, tend to stray and look for details to hold onto most logically – one Seth would be constantly challenging himself on the depth and qualities while constructing the masterpieces.