Client : Mahsing Group Bhd
Location : Southville City, Bangi
Design Period : 2012 – 2015
Completion Year : 2017
Site Area : 3.30 Acres

Southville City is a mixed development which centres around the concept of Urban Lifestyle & Country Living. Avens Residence is the one and only guarded and gated landed link homes, an abode of solace in a country living setting surrounded by high rise development and adjacent to a public park, Summit Park.

Built on the lower terrain of Summit Park makes it a development that respects the natural land form, Avens Residence is the most humble abode in amidst of the high rise concrete jungle. The landscape themed around the community spirit and well-being in the form of humility, honour and joy – representing the characteristic of Mountain Avens. Though residents may consists from young couple to small families and larger familiar but together they form a large community.

Hexagon interlocking pavers were introduced as the flooring material in 2 shades of colours. Grey based with speckles of yellow resembles the Avens flowers on a greyish mountainous surfaces.

Yellow based with speckles of grey resembles the large colony of Avens flowers. Fence designed using granite rubble wall to reflect the rocky texture of mountainous terrain.

Reflecting the country living, every corners are pleasantly landscaped with evergreen plants with white and yellow flowering shrubs accompanied with canopy trees (Caesalpinia ferrea) providing shades from the sun yet allowing rays of light penetrating through and aromatic fragrance (Clitoria fairchildiana).

Flooring is paved with slated texture concrete imprint in the brown-beige colour resembling the natural country garden paths.

Acupressure path designed in different patterns ranging from very hard surface to smooth and relaxing component by which the blood circulation in the body improves and aids in curing several ailments of the body.
Chess Tables are both artworks and functional objects to provide an interesting social element to the open spaces.
The entire walkway is also built on a staggering land form. The floor pattern is designed to imitate the layering of limestone mountain accompanied by evergreen shrubs. Along the path are speckles of white and yellow flowering shrubs glistering a sense of country nostalgia.
Outdoor half basketball courts provide a variety of formal and informal opportunities for participation and can accommodate a safe place to play for the family neighborhood.