Client: TA Global
Location: Damansara Avenue in Bandar Sri Damansara
Design Period: 2009 – 2010
Completion Year: 2014
Site Area: 3.13 Acres

• Azelia Residence, Kuala Lumpur (Honourable Mention in Skyrise Greenery category)
• Azelia Residence Damansara Avenue (winner of Landscape Design Award in the Professional Category)
Azelia Residence is part & parcel of a new development called Damansara Avenue by TA Global. The master planning concept for the entire development is based in urban forest. It is located on a hill slope of Bandar Sri Damansara, where it used to be covered with tall trees & wild bushes. The landscape design intend for Azelia is to preserve its original value with enhancement & blend holistically with its architecture.

Located in the hilly enclave of Bandar Sri Damansara, Azelia Residence embodies the balance between nature and urbanity. Inspired by the natural world, this residential development seamlessly integrates modern interpretations of a forest, creating a harmonious fusion of serene wilderness and the breathtaking aesthetics of tall trees, white flowers and enchanting landscapes, where nature and urbanity coexist in harmony, offering residents a truly holistic and tranquil experience.

Upon arriving to the development, visitor/resident is greeted with rows of large evergreen trees on both left & right of the road. The guardhouse is build in black colour giving way for the trees to greet visitor/resident in a more humble manner. Behind the guardhouse, visitor/resident will see water overflowing from the infinity pool which symbolize a waterfall.
The character of waterfall is further enhanced with vertical arch structure at the drop off area & reflected by the driveway pavement. Those elevated car parks’s facades were cladded with ventilation blocks reflecting the character of rocks surrounding the waterfall.
At the drop off area, visitor/resident is then greeted with a linear reflective water feature which symbolizes the streams found inside a forest. This water feature directs visitor/resident to further experience the forest through a walk in a tunnel-like path where natural lighting is minimal shining through the architecture creating a mysterious space.
Part of the fire engine’s access is made green seamless with the surrounding landscape while the other part is paved which can also be used as bicycle lane for the residents.

The metal spiral staircase will then lead the visitor/resident to facilities floor via a corridor. Towards the end of the corridor, visitor/resident will be greeted by a group of tall trees with ferns covering the ground emphasizing more on the forest mood.

Beyond the group of trees, visitor/resident will find large water bodies comprising children’s wading pool, adult swimming pool & jacuzzi.’

Several water jets were introduced at the childrens’ wading pool to create sounds of splashing water. The beautiful natural landscape in front of the development act as a borrowed landscape into the infinity swimming pool. Quartz stone mosaic tiles were introduced in both the pools simply to reflect the natural character of the waterfall.
The blue sculpture creates a focal point at the central open lawn which is an outdoor meeting place for celebration and play.
The swimming pool is terminated with a round open space during the day but symbolizes the reflection of moon on water surface at night by using stone lights.
Residents can enjoy the tranquillity and relaxing moments when walking under the shades from a grove of trees.
A group of big leaf ficus trees are welcoming the residents at the entrance of the building.