Client: EXISM Group
Location: Persiaran Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur
Design Period: January 2016
Completion Year: 2020
Site Area: 0.57 Acres

Wrapped in green arteries, cooling florae, and full of natural beauty while woven into the urban fabric of CBD (Central Business District) of Kuala Lumpur.

The über-cool new unveiling of Ceylonz Suites @ Bukit Ceylon is opting for a minimalist aesthetic that exudes contemporary and cosmopolitan chic with views across and beyond the cityscape. And its visually striking appeal, sky-high rooftop pool, and many exciting open-air green pocket spaces could suggest a significant impact on urban rewilding in terms of ecosystem, biodiversity, and attraction of birdlife.

Tactical landscape planning and integration of green infrastructure compatible with spatial management could create a lasting experience for users. The facade green arteries sprawling from Level 7 to Ground Floor, and an eco-fish pond on Level 7 with feature trees makes the space seem livelier while interconnecting the spatial division between formal and informal relationships, conferences, or meetings rooms for work and an open café for socializing.

Within the external landscaped laneway of Ceylonz Suites @ Bukit Ceylon, raised planters to create a cooler, greener corridor in the tropics while extending the interior green space to the exterior, improving the visual amenity of the project and urban rewilding.

The lush, overflowing, vertical greenery at the main entrance Glitter Wall was in an irregular arrangement for the effect of a natural garden. While plant species selected were for minimal ongoing maintenance, durability, adaptability to local climate, and visual impact. Given the appropriate planning and implementation, the vertical green wall could be an automated ecosystem that responds to the scarcity of garden areas in development.

Get up close with the balancing beam of varying heights at Level 13 Balance Play Area, discover the fascinating play features that help to develop strength and balance, and be intrigued by a game that is perfect for families and kids. 

Happily roaming around, actively climbing trees, free-spirited, and fun-loving, are typically the characteristics of monkeys. And what better way to design the Monkey Cube Lounge on Level 19 after these perks than by bringing the playfulness persona to life. You could find the vantage point Cube Lounge, climbable Monkey Bars, the Hanging Egg chair, and a children’s swing fit for a highly sociable monkey and human. While the circle perforated design of the panels creates a modesty curtain for the local climate.

Open to the elements, the suspended swing bed on Level 25 Swing Lounge emulates that big, comfortable cocoon and adds a touch of whimsical air to the space while affording visual connection to the surrounding vibrant greenery.

Blurring the boundaries between the realms of interior and exterior with an expansive skyline and lush greenery, the Fitness Garden on Level 31 creates a holistic approach to reconnecting nature and humans.

The 25-metre impressive aquatic structure perched on Level 37 Sky Pool merged the threshold between two distinct elements, the water and the sky seamlessly. While pragmatically integrating luxury, building amenities, materiality, and landscape values efficiently. Meanwhile, the aesthetics and planning strategies are ultimately for delivering the project to the satisfaction of Ceylonz Suites @ Bukit Ceylon.

Level 39 Sky Pavilion

The significance of a garden and sustainability is when we give a free hand to nature after the Sky Edible Garden is completed. We anticipate the diverse mix of herbs, spices, and trees to grow freely and take their place as an experiential approach to gardening. Birds and pollinators might bring in foreign seeds as well to the garden. Meanwhile, the idea of nurturing a sense of community is about creating a much-loved community space for gardening.

Level 39 Sky Edible Garden – Galvanised steel grid to increase natural light incidence and permeability while reducing surface water runoff.