Client: Christian Dior Fashion (Malaysia) 
Location: Pavilion Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Design Period: 2022 – 2023
Completion Year: February 2023
Site Area: 3820sqft

The garden installation and softscape design draw on the concept of botany and Mother Nature to create an inventive dialogue between couture and nature; planting enchanted gardens for visitors to behold in a shopping centre in the bustling city. The beauty of this installation lies in the natural landscape, the colourful flowers and fresh foliage, which create a striking contrast and highlight the elegance, delicacy and vital force of nature contained in the concept of the Dior Garden.

The Dior Spring/Summer 2023 Pop-Up elegantly interweaves a narrative about manicured gardens with an installation that encourages people to explore their senses, be creative and foster interest in the natural world in our everyday lives by unfolding and stimulating our senses to what we might find in a natural garden outdoors — a fundamental experience of interaction with Mother Nature.

The installation uses a variety of herbaceous plant species that can withstand indoor conditions to transform the main concourse into an aesthetic realm, a rich, textured, immersive expression of a flowering garden where as much design attention has been given to the exterior as to the interior through creative realisations.

Diverse mix of ornamental plants embedded in the context of a living garden, representing an eclectic integration of softscape design, environmental art and haute couture into one creative theme.

While the garden installation provides visual experiences that are perfectly photogenic, the softscape planting also creates a multi-sensory designed environment where visitors can see, hear, smell and touch to immerse themselves in the air filled with the subtle scent of fresh flowers provided by the Dior Garden, reminiscent of a pleasant day in a meadow, creating an environment that engages the senses and further enhances the connection between people and the environment.

A dose of indoor pleasure garden in downtown Kuala Lumpur to connect city dwellers with nature, a solace to unwind and nourish, and an exploration to pause and appreciate the details and beauty around us.

Carefully considered softscape design to present Centre Court as a distinctive destination garden, with an attractive visual connection to the natural landscape and a living garden set within a busy shopping centre. Seating niches that offer experiential opportunities amidst feature plantings and native perennials.

The breadth of the installation pays homage to Dior’s passion for gardens and alludes to the audacity, poetry and romance of the latest capsule collection, which presents Dior Garden as functional and experiential garden inspiration. This is both a commercial performance and a thoughtful role for aesthetics that celebrates nature, couture and people.