Client: IJM Corporation Bhd
Location: Jelutong Expressway, Penang
Project Theme: Seagull Sculpture ‘Harmony Fly’
Completion Year: 2004

On arrival at Penang Island, the ‘Harmony Fly’ is a symbol of wayfinding and a landmark towards George Town, as it flies cheerfully towards guests and returnees, greeting them with a welcoming, relaxed coastal atmosphere. As they leave the island, they fly with them towards Bayan Lepas, bidding them farewell with good wishes and affection.

The sun rises and a bevy of seagulls flies out to sea on the shore of the Jelutong Expressway (Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway), displaying the birds’ harmonious day of flight and rhythmic beauty in-flight.

The ‘Harmony Fly’ is a site-specific sculpture depicting seagulls on the coast of Penang. It is a sculptural installation to reimagine the public realm of Jelutong Expressway, conceived with a sense of scale and proportion.

More than a decade later, the site has evolved and the integral design qualities of the seagull sculpture still fit seamlessly into the physical and cultural context of the site and continue to provide a relevant spectacular backdrop to wayfinding and sculpture significant to the region.

Made of Grade 316 stainless steel for its durability and superior corrosion resistance to elements such as seawater and harsh weather. Each bird weighs a whopping 50kg and the pole is set 20 metres into the ground. Wind load calculations to ensure that ‘Harmony Fly’ is strong enough to withstand critical weather and storms.

Completed in 2004, this group of 10 seagulls is known as the ‘Perfect 10’. The ten symbolises the striving for higher goals and the outstanding quality of the team, led by the lead flying high in the forefront. Together with the developer’s logo, they form the ‘Magnificient 11’. A tribute to the vision of the developer, IJM Corporation Berhad, namely ‘Excellence through Quality’.