Client: Landart 
Location: D2-6-13 & 13A, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur
Completion Year:  2017, 2019
Area: 2,245 sqft

Back To The Basics

Landart recognised the need for expansion as an opportunity to create a workspace that could do more for the organisation. Despite its modest size, the new workspace was designed to prioritise function and provide all the components that a larger office could offer. The open-plan layout offers a variety of working areas, making it a dynamic and flexible workspace that encourages creativity and collaboration while prioritising function.

The meeting room is equipped with collaborative technology that provides an enhanced experience for seamless collaboration and communication, supporting both in-person and remote participants and fostering a sense of connectedness.

The workspace also features a customised, electronically adjustable desk as ‘Collaboration Avenues’, a flexible space that celebrates the functions and enables the design process, demonstrating an innovative way of collaborative working. It is a space for creativity and concentration, for co-creation and collaboration, for socialising and entertaining, for friends and family and for clients and potential clients who can feel at home here.

Composer of Space: A design philosophy developed by Landart that is about creating limitless designs on paper that can be brought to life. It’s a fascinating design approach that enables the creation of unique and innovative spaces that can truly transform the user experience.

Creating a positive office environment is crucial, and the open-plan layout ensures that both the functionality and usability of the workspace are considered.

with its cosy ambience, the Hybrid Café offers a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in which to recharge your batteries. The various seating options and the availability of power sockets make it an ideal place for hotdesking while enjoying the surrounding landscape.