Housing Development
Client : Vienna Home Sdn Bhd (Mah Sing Group)
Location : Bayan Lepas, Penang
Design Period : 3 years
Site Area : 3 acres, with 2 acres green area

• Legenda@Southbay (winner of Landscape Design Awards Category)

Legenda@Southbay consists of 3 & 4-storey resort bungalows in a gated and guarded community catering exclusively to the discerning. These modern homes with a luxurious resort environment come with numerous bedrooms and attached bathrooms. Generously sized car porches ready to cater to at least 4 cars. Other features built into the design would emphasize sun shading, cross ventilation and rain protection given the local climate.

Legenda@Southbay comprising 76 hillside bungalows with built-up areas ranging from 6,460 to 7,300 sq. ft. One of the unique features of Legenda@Southbay is that each unit is fitted with a lift and a private swimming pool.

The Inspiration of Antenna – By philosophy of real antenna is connected to the first one or two segments of the arthropod head. They vary widely in form and typically sensory organs, the exact nature of what they sense including touching, air motion, heat, vibration (sound), smell and taste.

We explore what we learn from animal and the natural world, and how these experiences change us – at levels which ‘culturally we don’t even have the means to express’ as ‘an unarticulated but powerful undercurrent’ in a ‘deep and profound step into’. Designated with nature inspirations, the animal antenna such as the lighting structure is uniquely designed on creating a ‘wow’ factor through the massive structure display all over the space.

Nestled atop a cascading hillside, the landscape architect saw this as an opportunity to link the residences with the existing terrain. With thoughtful planning, the idea of a clubhouse at an elevated vantage point is developing to allow the residents to have a breathtaking view of the “Pearl of Orient“, accompanied by a dramatic and inviting walk along the existing natural slope. Native plants were arranged strategically to soften the existing granite terrain as well as to elevate the architectural characters of Legenda@Southbay.

Lost in Nature – No matter how caught up we get in  our stressful day-to-day lives, nature always gives us the  perfect place to escape to. Great outdoors has a way  of making you seem small and significant, putting all of  your problems into perspective.


The elevated boardwalk and the surrounding natural environment blended harmoniously together.

Night walks on the mesmerising elevated boardwalk are a great way to relax.

Nature Call – Luminous antenna calls back to his original place, dimmed and mysterious.