Client : Private Owner
Location : MET 1 Residences KL Metropolis
Design Period : 2020
Area : 3,381sqft

A delicious integration of intimate and luxurious, soft and austere carries through the interiors of this abode designed for a multi functional living to every family member. Now more than ever, a home does not confine to merely a place of rest, refuge and reconnecting with families; it is essential to include areas for working, remote learning, exercising, and relaxing. Therefore, connectivity and clever design that can form changes rapidly are key elements of our design intention.

The dry kitchen area is a multi-functional space for the family. The warm colour palette is inviting, and space’s flexibility allows the family to create several different activities depending on the occasion.

The resolution of the kitchen in a full cabinetry system opens up possibilities of functional and practical designs.

The warm, woody palette that is casual and elegance, while the cool neutrals of white create a soft ambience.

A subtle palette and natural finishes ensure an overall continuity complemented by natural light to allow the outside in to help a space to thrive.
The flexible and removable elements create various storage solutions within a space that can respond to various requirements of the users in a trice.
Bright and airy, for a spacious and tranquil feel integral to the design elements.
Cloud-like lighting installation to set the scene and let creativity rules.
Bespoke built-ins with furnishings in various shades of colour to further complement and enhance the space.
Creating spaces that aligned with the client’s lifestyle, and serve the modern needs; working environment with cosy reading ambience and kids’ corner all under one roof.
Kids’ Corner for study, exploration, interaction and socializing; aimed at rekindling the passion to learn that young generation shares.
The mixture of diverse cabinetry reinforces with storage solutions elevate staying experience.
The colour palette was inspired by an urban and contemporary vibe with a cosy atmosphere in mind as our design intention.