Client : Mr Yong K.T.
Location : Pulau Tikus, Penang.
Completion Year : 2008
Site Area : 10,000 sqft

• Mr Yong’s Bungalow (winner of Residential (Private Bungalow) Category) 

Tucked away in one of the established residential enclaves of Pulau Tikus, Penang, this privately-owned 2-storey bungalow is a veritable oasis of serenity and laidback charm. It is bestowed on a tranquil ambience with the premise plot setting some distance away from the main road providing privacy and exclusivity to the family.

The driveway fencing wall formed out of railway sleepers with red cactus in small pots as cups used in rubber tapping, creating an interesting viewing pleasure.

The I-beam shelter with two-thirds exposed to the sky is a relaxing place where the family entertains and capture the beauty of the skyline and sunsets.

The vertical green wall with an I-beam frame and curation of luscious planting species such as the Guzmania plant symbolizes ‘Happy Fish’ sending good vibes while enhancing overall visual impact. A contrasting texture of plantings and an artistic sensibility of hardscape.

The owner’s driftwood collection was incorporated in the backyard garden to intensify the uniqueness of design language in the aspects of form, texture and colour palette, while the selection of Grammatophyllum speciosum (tiger orchid) and Asplenium nidus (bird’s-nest fern) to leverage aesthetic values.

The courtyard with an aqueduct made up of a sleek rectangular concrete water feature and loose pebbles was another interesting feature of the design, while Schizolobium parahyba also known as Brazilian fern trees were planted to soften the transition between the courtyard and the external open lawn as well as creating dancing shadows under the sunlight.

Schizolobium parahyba to soften while providing seamless integration to the existing architectural elements, creating a laidback landscape oasis.

A combination of natural granite stones and railway sleepers were employed to assemble steps treads leading towards the tea pavilion.

A 50-metre length bamboo grove demarcates between the house and the property next door.

A luscious view of greenery and hardscape generates a scenario where the outdoor becomes a part of the living space. At every turn, the garden is a pleasurable experience that does not seem to wane.