Client : OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (M) Sdn Bhd
Location : Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kedah
Completion Year : 2017
Site Area : 60,000 sqft

Light Spectrum.

Following a successful further growth, Kulim OSRAM Opto Semiconductors decided on a design that would suit its rapidly expanding office. A completely new type of space was required for the young, dynamic employees working with cutting-edge technology. So we wanted to create a workplace that encouraged informal interactions, reflected the corporate culture and inspired the employees.

The design elements, from the introduction of white as the core colour representing the light spectrum, as white light is made up of the colours of the rainbow because it contains all wavelengths, to stylish yet versatile spaces that can accommodate a range of atmospheres at different times of the day, biophilic design and indoor plants to enliven the spaces and an open plan layout, were brought together to increase the efficiency of the workplace while maximising natural light.

At the entrance, customers and visitors are greeted by an aquarium of marine fish that flows into the reception area. Customised design elements wrapped in the corporate colour OSRAM Orange serve as visual reinforcement and underline the client’s image and corporate culture.

Meeting Room with ergonomic office furniture and sound-absorbing panels that ensure privacy and acoustic comfort.

A clean, modern Reading Room for a clutter-free environment and natural light and views of the surroundings to relax in.

Lush houseplants generously filled the space, and the inclusion of biophilic design made up approximately 20 per cent of OSRAM for its many therapeutic benefits.

The full-service Cafeteria at the front of the house was inspired by the concept of nature, with an aesthetic colour palette in various hospitality zones. In terms of materiality, all surfaces are easy to clean and, therefore, more hygienic and easy to maintain.

A variety of modular seating options for a comfortable dining experience, casual get-togethers and flexible enough to host special events.

Within the cohesive overall design, each floor has its varying space, including a spacious Pantry as a design benefit to facilitate informal interactions.

An on-site Recreation Centre and fitness facilities that provide a respite from the demands of work and improve employee wellbeing.

In addition, the Discussion Pods meet a range of user preferences and the reconfigurable loose furniture provides flexibility and adapts to future growth.

Depending on the size of the room, the acoustic panel tapers on the wall as a design feature and serves the functions at the same time.

A technology-enabled Conference Room with audiovisual equipment for bespoke presentations and communications, while the team considered the acoustic demands to the benefits of design elements. 

An upholstered fabric bench creates additional seating, and the configurable office furniture provides varied solutions for an open, collaborative environment that best suits the day’s requirement.

Contemporary, fluid, and multi-functional, the Gallery Pantry showcases the space as a work café and a social node that invites gatherings and celebrations. A communal table for hot-desking or activity-based events.


Employee wellbeing is supported by the protocol of a clean environment, such as the inclusion of hands-free facilities to minimise the risks of infection in the workplace while optimising aesthetic sensibility.


Wayfinding details and design via customised illustrations of colours, textures, and graphics elements.

Appealing graphic styles, typography and colour palette designed to promote workplace culture, employee engagement and participation.

Painted accent graphics spanning across walls create rhythms that enliven the space.