Housing Development
Client : Vienna Home Sdn Bhd (Mah Sing Group)
Location : : Batu Maung, Penang
Design Period : 3 years
Land Area : 24.804 acres

• Residence@Southbay (winner of Property Developer Awards in Landscape Planning & Development – Mah Sing Group Berhad)

Residence@Southbay Parcel C is the first garden park sanctuary of its kind in south Penang and reflects the vision of this gated and guarded super-link project. The concept of the landscape design is derived from a drop of water, symbolising the developer’s first steps on this piece of land, growing larger with the ripples of the first drop.

The flowing form of a drop of water runs conceptually through the entire landscape design. While the houses in this project represent the solid, masculine side of the design, the landscape elements in this project reflect the soft and feminine qualities, much like the flow of water that connects the houses.

The design approach for Residence@Southbay incorporates corporate colours into every corner of the landscape elements, while emphasising clean and uncluttered plantings that create a grand and inviting ambience and have an aesthetically pleasing visual impact on the site.

The indigenous railway sleepers were refurbished and upcycled for outdoor use. Their distinctive richness, great depth of colour and durability provide a lush setting overlooking the pool and sculpture garden.

The inclusion of green spaces and waterscapes encourages biophilia and enhances the perception of the built environment, and elements of reclaimed wood and stainless steel enhance the beauty of the blue-glazed pool.

A sculpture garden and a gabion wall connect the pool with the adjacent residential areas and at the same time serve as spatial demarcation.

The aqueduct and the urban waterscape that connects the residents with nature, together with the details of the aquamarine mosaic pool, provide visual and tangible relaxation.

The natural stone paving provides a subtle contrast to the lawn and surrounding residential units, while the vermilion water feature and gabion wall provide a bold contrast in colour, size and texture.

The subtle interweaving between the vermilion expanded metal mesh and the gabion wall as a language capable of narrating the architectural elements and the waterscape; a dynamic of sculpture, landscape architecture and aesthetics of the communal spaces.

Exterior features include a shelter shaded by a canopied concrete arch and vermilion expanded metal mesh, reflecting the diversity of the prevailing habitable structure to meet the varying needs of the residents, while a wooden pathway winds through the landscaped garden and serves as wayfinding.

A communal outdoor gym provides a healthy lifestyle and relaxing environment, while vermilion elements have been reinforced for a cohesive design.

Creating pockets of nature within negative space of the built environment to transform our urban areas into healthier, more engaging and habitable green spaces. 

The greening of the hardscape elements and the invigorating vermilion perforated metal bench in the recreation space, a multifunctional communal green space for placemaking that promotes the connection of people and nature with the community.