Client: UEM Sunrise Berhad
Location: Jalan Changkat Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
Design Period: 2014 – 2017
Completion Year: End 2022
Site Area: 4.67 acres

Sol — Terra — Mankind

When designing the planting scheme, the path of the Sol (sun) is observed and evaluated to ensure that plants receive sufficient sunlight to support photosynthesis of the plants that need to thrive in full or partial sun in our local climate. A variety of planting materials and textures forming multiple hierarchies of trees, shrubs and foliage proliferating on Terra (terra firma or earth) as the foundation of plant life, along with cloud-like canopy layers hovering above, provide aesthetically pleasing planting layout while promoting connection to the outdoors.

Symbiosis and interdependence between Mankind (humans) and nature are essential for the biocoenosis or ecological community to create a balance between individual and collective well-being and to promote a healthy living environment for the inhabitants of Solaris Parq.

A linear median strip that doubles as a planter reinforces the separation of vehicular traffic and pedestrians, which also enhances the attractiveness of the site.

The 50-metre Lap Pool, clad in mosaic tiles of paraiba tourmaline and blue topaz, takes on another dimension: it gently shimmers on the pool, creating all kinds of visual effects, from psychedelic waves to a reflective liquid canvas set with blue stones that inspire the sublime, tranquil pleasure of poolside aquatic experiences.

A 2.8-metre diagonal Rain Spa structure opens to the sky and uses warm, neutral forest tones accented with natural materials sourced from the region to ensure easy maintenance and durability. Streamlined, chrome-plated stainless steel rain showers with an elegant design befit the concept of the oasis retreat, conveying the feeling of the oldest, purest form of showering that relieves environmental fatigue while listening to the restful sound of gently falling rain which promotes feelings of tranquillity and emotional warmth.

The genius loci of Vista Veranda is the combination of simple sophistication, industrial versatility and the concept of wabi-sabi in an au naturel aesthetic: poetic and pragmatic. While the multi-sensory approach incorporates built and natural structures to create a biophilic, healing environment.

The signature Grill Terrace, 20 metres in diameter, features a trapezoidal roof with skylight, below which is another trapezoidal, ergonomic and emphatic bar counter with barstools and feature planting contextualised with the surroundings and warm sensations of outdoor recreation space.

While spatial modesty is appreciated, a flexible, modular, lifestyle-oriented programme is offered with a lush, tranquil landscape that combines communal green spaces for everyday community activities that promote urban neighbourliness, bring residents closer to nature and encourage them to spend more time outdoors in a relaxed garden environment

A 26-metre-long children’s playground inspired by the novel concept of a series of flowing, small cascades pouring over the rock beds; the sensible integration of the public lavatory as the highest point, with streams of blue and grey EDPM flooring meandering through the play mound and burrow, enriches the forest landscape and solidifies the interdependent, reciprocal relationship between the built and natural environments while providing an ideal link to foster parent-child relationships and interaction with nature.

Distinctive cabanas in the sky infused with functional hardscape elements in an inviting biophilic softscape environment that combines the best aspects of rest and relaxation, wellness and well-being, where residents can lounge comfortably in an airy, well-lit urban oasis with lush botanical greenery that creates a treasured green space and tranquil sanctuary in downtown Solaris where humans and nature thrive.