Client: Private Owner
Location: Georgetown UNESCO Historic Site
Completion Year: October 2018
Area: 1,600 sqft

Understated Exclusivity

A bespoke private haven situated at heritage site buffer zone and curated to accomplish a sense of understated exclusivity through a subtly luxe mélange of refined textures and materials conjoined with impeccable attention to detail and thoughtful integration of design intentions.

While this project exemplifies what the practice does best as the overall design vocabulary brings forth a strong sense of spatial planning and immersive visual impact.

This living room is full of interesting design items, but each one is comprised of simple materials. For instance, the coffee table is marble, while the beautifully arranged throw cushions were selected from outdoor furniture collections.
Earth inspired shades and natural elements subtly weave throughout the interior, with views of the exterior that are lush and the heritage building reminiscent of that from Sri Lanka they are equally enticing and complementing.

“The more time you spend in the interior, the more you notice the details. And that’s how you doing it subtly without being overwhelming or intimidating.” – Landart Interior

“We turned to some of our favourite natural materials to compile this colour coordinated ensemble for an enjoyable dining experience.” – Landart Interior

Maximizing the kitchen efficiency and storage by allocating the appropriate zonings, and modes of navigation to create a functional yet space saving design that syncs with the interior context.
The mirrored vanity and seamless enclosure turned bathroom oasis.
The bedroom as a place for rest and respite, therefore, our bespoke bed with all fabric upholstery, was selected with comfort in mind to provide a relaxing place to sleep.
A thoughtful lighting design that incorporated additional illumination with the luxurious boutique effect dramatically impact the overall functionality of the walk in wardrobe while optimizing the space.
Natural stone which is used throughout the bathroom floor and walls adds a luxe spa touch to space, while indoor plants decidedly as a biophilic approach is equally pleasing to the eyes.
Lighting is an important element in any bedroom Drawing the curtains up to let light and fresh air into the room in the mornings is a great way to renew the energy in the room after a rejuvenating night’s rest.
The great lush outdoor these inviting displays are more than just seating option, they create intimacy, make clever use of space, and are communication starters.