Client : Paramount Property
Location : Batu Kawan, Penang
Design Period : 2018
Completion Year : 2020
Site Area : 3 Acres

Suasana @ Utropolis is within the emerging CBD (Central Business District) of Batu Kawan and a prototype of university-centric integrated development, providing a variety of amenities and activities to its residents while connecting social, livelihood, and economic viabilities.

On levels 7 and 8 interconnected podiums, a 50-metre infinity-edge pool is intrinsically linked with a whirlpool and a dip pool, allowing users to enjoy leisure activities for a healthy lifestyle within the context of a communal green space.

Detailing high-performance structure and materials application, the ‘Forest Pavilion’ functions as a double-shaded nesting oasis with trees planted in the exposed areas to provide ultimate thermal comfort to the residents during the heat of the day.

An ecological regenerating ‘Forest Trail’ or elevated boardwalk intervenes and creates new habitat to attract birdlife and pollinators to the vicinity while cultivating environmental awareness about forest ecology.

The 100-metre length trail is interwoven with a sequence of lush greenery and outdoor furniture, inviting the residents to enjoy the benefits that outdoor therapy brings, for a renewal of strength, and to feel rejuvenated once again while immersing in the healing presence of forest bathing.

Within the setting of a forest enclave, a variety of perennial trees and shrubs, culinary plants and herbs, were woven into the surroundings of the aqua gym. 

Creating a biodiversity linkage to healthy communal green space while reconnecting humans with nature to improve wellness and well-being beyond the built environment.

Celebrating the scale and magnitude of the 50-metre infinity-edge pool, be it seen from the ground or aboveground, the scenic blue pool is a view to behold on a landscape scale.

 An aerial viewpoint of the Wading Pool .

The terrace garden aimed to connect, balance, and create transitional intervals between levels 7 and 8 while transforming the open space into an expression of the contemporary garden via an array of various selective vegetation. 

In addition, the lined flooring serves as the distinction between the change of levels, while the application of patterns and textures unifies the landscape deck at Suasana (Plot 2).

A micro-farm was providing the residents with the opportunities to be active in urban farming while learning the importance of sustainability, food security and regenerative food to respond to urban changes and unpredictability.