Client: Island Golf View Sdn. Bhd.
Location: Bukit Jambul, Penang
Design Period: 2012 
Completion Year: 2015
Site Area: 9 Acres

• The Address, Penang (winner of Landscape Design Awards Category)

The Address is a 9-acre development that offers exclusivity with its low-density duplex lofts and boutique condominiums close to all social and community amenities while embraced by the allure of lush greenery. We manoeuvre the master planning concept for the entire development of an animal architecture: the habitat of Beavers, to create an ideal, serene and sustainable living space surrounded by vast sky, tranquil waterfalls and the beauty of nature.

A grand entrance statement structure at the guardhouse elongates vertically and horizontally, accentuating the visual impact while conveying a sense of strength and stability.

A multifaceted-designed swimming pool in the aspects of concept and practicality. The swimming pool resembles a beaver dam that uses riverside structures and barriers to form a pond with deep water.

Spa in a beaver lodge: Cissus creepers will inhibit future vertical structures resembling the warm and safe beaver lodge, creating the perfect spa ambience for the enjoyment of aquatic therapy.

Various elements of nature creating an impressive shadow of art in the swimming pool area.

The stylishly designed shower pit is sheltered in a cosy nook.

Spa with nature; the ultimate relaxing experience.

The water spouts were also integral to the lush, living green wall while providing an interactive play experience for the kids.

Blue mosaics created a sense of depth to the swimming pool while providing a refreshing tropical getaway.

The stylistically artistic water spouts divided water into various unique forms. 

The Courtyard Garden was on a carpet of ceaseless, tangible-lined pavement in grey tones that extended to the end of the barbecue area and was intended to improve circulation and human navigation in space. The interconnected and fragmented landscape was disguised as a subtle directional signpost, gently guiding users into the beautiful and refreshing landscaped garden.

An interactive Play Den combines art and plays for kids to explore, create and have fun. Adventures play equipment given a sense of curiosity and fantasy, suggesting various play adventures and challenges that will eventually stimulate their creativity and imaginations.

Cosy Alcove: an innovative yet creative orchard and herb garden, where sustainability practice is a quantitative measure to improve the regeneration of resources whilst improving biodiversity and ecological values. It is an interactive food hub that complemented the diversity of our local cultures, with a wide range of culinary herbs, fruits and flowers, creating a vibrant living classroom to promote and preserve our local cultures and traditions. 

While we intended to push the boundaries with innovative measures by educating the community about sustainable development and through the cultivation of medicinal florals and herbs.

Cissus Grand Step: A series of wide steps flowing continuously from up to down, flanked by a group of vertical Eucalyptus camaldulensis plants rhythmically planted on the elevated courtyard and swimming pool to mimic the flowing water through the forest in the distance. The curtain-like aerial roots of Cissus creepers resonate with the motion of a waterfall when the wind blows.

Trees of various species were transplanted from the roadside to the (BBQ) barbeque area to sustainably and humanely preserve and nurture nature during the design and construction process, with extensive detailing added to the illuminated trees at night.

Night scene of the beautiful Courtyard Garden.

Hedge maze in various shapes and colours, with light fixtures in the right places, further stresses its beauty. Arrangements of seats are relatively close to each other to create an intimate space for social interaction.

The Hidden Forest is tucked between the suspended slab and concrete retaining wall, embraced by a combination of Piper sarmentosum (Pokok kaduk) and Philodendron spp. to soften the existing architectural elements while creating a verdant oasis lost in paradise.