©Oliver Jeyrald Lee


Client : TRX City Sdn Bhd
Location : Persiaran TRX 55188, Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur
Design Period : 2016 – 2022
Site Area : 70 Acres

• TRX Public Realm & Streetscape Enhancement (Landscape Analysis & Study Awards – Professional category: Honour)
• TRX Public Realm Master Plan (Landscape Master Plan Awards: Excellence)

Excellent connectivity, iconic public realms and sustainable design come together to create Malaysia’s first international financial district at Tun Razak Exchange (TRX). A future-ready development with sustainability at it’s core, TRX is the first development in Malaysia to have received a neighbourhood-level provisional Green Building Index (GBI) certification.

The project vision is to create a financial district of international standing that is iconic yet timeless while simultaneously offering vibrancy within a green city that is pedestrian-friendly to the TRX residents and users of Kuala Lumpur.

Our design approach preserves most of the existing trees in the pocket park are founded on safeguarding the amenity and biodiverse value of the existing broader canopied trees which are valuable to the local community as well as achieve instant green coverage impact.

©Tun Razak Exchange

Tabebuia rosea was one of the 9 trees preserved during the construction of the North-West Plaza ‘Café in the Park’. At the same time, the built structure with its intended circular roof openings was articulated as a cavity for the future growth of the tree. The project offers therapeutic approaches and the incorporation of biophilic design with an excellent visual presentation from a different angle: from the outside in and from the inside out.

Preserving the existing trees Tabebuia rosea in the NWP (North West Plaza) at TRX (Tun Razak Exchange) contributes to a sustainable future that is enjoyable. The pedestrian-friendly urban design enables new forms of mobility near TRX that also support the ‘streets of tomorrow’.

Formerly known as North-West Plaza (NWP), it plays a crucial role in TRX as it serves as the first point of contact and initial impression, setting the tone for the overall development of the public realm in terms of its scale and significance. The design solutions focus on minimising the clearly perceptible height difference between the street and the park level to create a ‘pocket park’ atmosphere. This is achieved through the use of the ‘Merdeka tree’ (Samanea saman) and a C-shaped reflecting pond at the higher park level. The preservation of most of the existing trees is a priority to protect the aesthetic and ecological values, as well as the larger canopy trees that immediately provide green coverage impacts.



Ever-growing roots anchor our layers upon layers of history as we continue to reach for the sky. Our Merdeka Tree tells the story of Kuala Lumpur’s continuous rejuvenation. The tree represents our history and our revolution. The design interpretation is to remind us of the importance of our roots and where we come from and who we are. The reticulated, spreading root pattern on the granite is a metaphor for unity, connection, integrity and perpetual growth. A preserved, mature rain tree in the centre of the water feature allows users to experience the tranquillity of the space and the sound of floating water.

At nighttime, the interplay of light on the tree canopies and the waterscape forms an impressive installation reminiscent of light sculptures. The immersive lighting transforms the public realm into an iconic city landmark and effectively illuminates the plaza to enhance the overall atmosphere for walkability and improved social safety for pedestrians.

The spacious and multi-storey plaza with an area of 4,024 m² consists of a total of 43 steps with a height difference of 7.3 metres, a figure-eight circumference of 50.3 metres in length and 23.52 metres in width. It is intended to be an active and lively meeting place for office workers to meet and interact during the day amidst green spaces. Enhancement of Sunken Plaza, an outdoor amphitheatre for night performances, with interactive lighting and seating to create a beautiful environment for people to relax and enjoy.

Sunken Plaza (Singgah Sana) acts as a connector between the different areas and uses various mediums to foster community engagement and interaction, sustainability and neighbourly vision while creating a vibrant amenity for the public.

The main design intent for West Neighborhood Plaza (WNP) Barat Walk is to turn the space into a celebrated destination, rather than a transitional space with unique and distinctive character with injection of place making.

West Neighbourhood plaza enhances the visitors’ experiences via a series of periodic art installations, musical performances, creative lighting, as well as some interesting interactive activities with a sustainability theme. It should also take advantage of its elevation to maximize strategic views and create opportunities to enhance visitors’ experiences.

Invites visitors to experience an ‘imaginary landscape’, aims to form an immersive encounter, where perception is distorted into a ‘blurred dream-like’ place. It facilitates an odd experience, where the boundaries between the nature environment and architecture disappear. “Dandelion tells tale of hope, rebellion. The memory of ‘ blow flowers’, fascinated by the fluffy white dandelion head and the motion resembles the beauty of life , the life cycle of nature.

Shaded and sheltered walkway lined by trees and shrubs generate cooler air, hence reducing average temperature and encouraging pedestrians to take a stroll in the public space.