Senior Landscape Architect

Raymond joined Landart since 2013, working on a wide variety of projects including residential condominium, mixed development, and public realm projects. He enjoys creating spaces that are at once responsive to the surrounding built environment and distinct places unto themselves.

Strive to master various types of 3D modelling and rendering software, he believes that such skills allowed him to portrait sophisticated architectural designs from project inception to realization of the design.

Raymond earned his first-class honours degree in Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Universiti Putra Malaysia. Before joining Landart Design, he worked as an assistant at Landart Co. Ltd., Shanghai, PRC where he gains valuable experience from several large-scale residential projects. His chronological achievement includes the Special Design Award for FLORIA 2013.

“Landscape and architecture are the reflection of life itself; both of which must be achieved with due consideration of time, purpose and users.“