Client : Private Owner
Location : Jalan Macalister George Town, 10400 George Town,
Pulau Pinang
Completion Year : 2020
Area : 653 sqft

This private studio apartment was conceptualized as an open plan to provide a seamless integration among living, bedroom, and study area with the design intention to reflect a timeless and contemporary spatial planning. For the design of the interior, strong and clear elements are incorporated to present a visual vocabulary that embodies simplicity and elegance, while the built-in feature wall with clear mirror backing creating a visual effect of spatial enlargement. Taking references from the surrounding spectacular views, a balanced composition of interior and exterior further accentuate the aesthetic values.
“The feature wall panel wrapped in natural timber that’s presented in a meticulously way, with some well thought of details, we managed to create an exciting design element.” – Landart Design
Integration of flexible dining options to optimize space saving and user’s needs.
A mixture of contemporary and timeless design elements including ornamental timber strips on the interior and mirrored wall panel added to the repertoire of this elegant interior; an abode that artfully balances aesthetics and liveability.
To retire gracefully in a home requires just a few: clear expansive sightlines, room for art, relatives, and friends collected across a lifetime.
“The living area and open kitchen design to emphasize comfort and stillness in a space we typically use as a transition to and fro.” – Landart Design
The walkway was curated with modern Art Deco design elements to set the tone for a contemporary appeal.
Having a space that soothes is important, while a peaceful oasis to unwind encourages relaxation with the appeal as much as the ambience.
A thoughtful lighting design that incorporated additional illumination with the luxurious boutique effect dramatically impact the overall functionality of the walk in wardrobe while optimizing the space.
Bringing on serene vibes with calming shades and neutral colours, and finally a sense of snugness.
The right details to accentuate and compliments the overall design intention.
Illuminating the base cabinet to give a floating effect while functioning as a nightlight.